Get-Er-Done Club Trail 217

Trail 217 is now (8/23/2016) a summer ATV funded Trail. We also recieve Winter ATV Funding on this trail segment. We still rely heavily on fundraiser and donations as we will not see any of this funding money until next summer (2017) and only after we do work or spend money out of our pocket on this trail. Trail 217 connects Corridor 35 near the Buckhorn Bar east and west to Trail 17 near M&M's Y-Go-By Bar. It is now a Winter and Summer ATV and Snowmobile trail. This first image shows the trail start in Gordon at Corridor 35 and heads East to Fairbanks at Crestview. The second image continues from there and goes to Trail 17 1 mile North of the Y-Go-By.

 trail part a

trail part b