Trail 17

Trail 17 between Cabin Store and Y-Go-By is now open to Summer ATV/UTV traffic as well as winter ATV/UTV and Snowmobile. We recently (8/24/2016) recieved state funding on this section of trail which we will use to maintain and improve it.

Trail 17 used run south from Cabin Store and dead-ended at Clearwater Resort. After 7 plus years of research and wishful thinking, we managed to find a way through this remote wooded area from Gordon to Hayward. The next step was to work with the private and public land owners to secure easements. After we received approval with open arms we had to wait until the ground was dry enough to get back into this remote area to connect point a and b while making it safe for snowmobiles. Due to an extremely wet summer we where not able to start work until late September early October. On average we had 10 to 16 people for 10 + eight hour work days over the next two months getting the trail ready to be opened by mid December, which we Got-Er-Done! Then came the wait for snow. We did receive some snow, an inch here and inch there, than BAM! we finally got 4 inches. (YUCK). But it was enough to pull the groomer out and open the trail. Finally on February 11, 2015 we opened the trail. It was 20+ below zero for several days thereafter, but it was open. Thank You to all who supported this idea, donated, and especially to those that where out there damn near every weekend working their fingers to the bone. With out you, we could not have Got Er Done.


The image below shows the route of the trail from the Lower Eau Claire Lake in Gordon, WI to Trail 8 on Seeley Firelane in Sawyer County. This entire trail from the Cabin Store in Barnes, WI to Trail 8 is 21 Miles long, connects 3 Counties, is 95+% off the road, and in my opinion one of the most remote scenic trails in the area. I hope you get a chance this season to ride it. There is obviously more work to be done. Please leave a comment on our Facebook site or drop us and email and let us know what you think.