Get-Er-Done Club About Us!!!


On Feb. 11, 2008 eleven individuals met to discuss the potential for a recreational club in the Town of Gordon, WI. Two additional informal meetings were held before it was determined there was ample interest and the Get-Er-Done Club of Gordon was formed. Since that date, we have grown  and have several commerical members. These commercial members support us in our endeavors to deliver good, clean and safe recreation in the “wonderland” called GORDON. Support of them is as vital to our existence as are our individual members.

Our present club Board of Directors are as follows:

President.............Brett Corlett

Vice President.....Larry Nevin

Treasurer.............Tom Ruud

Secretary.............Karla Nevin

Member 1............Eric Jacobsen

Member 2............Kevin Cordes

Maintenance Officer ........ Chad Haakenson

Contact to the club can be made at: 715 376-2382 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or Mail Us @

Get-Er-Done Club

PO Box 64

Gordon, WI 54838

Even though our club is new we have already established 36 Miles of Club Funded and maitained winter trails (Trail 217 & 17). Our lastest accomplishment was opening 15 miles of trail which connects Gordon to the Hayward Area trails. We contract with a local business to groom these trails as we currently do not have any state funding. So if you are interested in joining us in this endeavor and want to have some good, clean fun doing so, please visit our Membership page and sign up. Have no time on your hands to help but still want to contribute, visit the Donations page, every dollar helps! We'd love to have you, so join our club motto – “Let’s Have Some Fun and Get-Er-Done!”