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Welcome to Get-Er-Done Club of Gordon. We are located in Douglas County in Northwest Wisconsin. We opened this club in the Gordon community in 2008. We do not require that you belong to any particular affiliation or possess any previous memberships to join our organization. We do ask that you try to support our organization through regular participation in meeting, activities, and fund raisers. In October 2016 Get-Er-Done Club was awarded 16.3 miles of ATV and UTV Summer maintenance on their Club Trails 217 and 17N. This combined with the 2015 Winter ATV funding the club is on its' way to solidfying itself as a Club that knows how to Get It Done! We still apply yearly for Snowmobile funding on our 36 Miles of remote wooded trails in hopes that the new Wisconsin Residential Trail Pass generates enough funds to grant new miles. New miles being funded has always been a low priority for those that bless the yearly grant prosses down south in our great state. We hope they see the light before they find a huge opposition to the new Trail Pass initiative.  Until then we will use money from our yearly fund raisers and the blood sweat and tears of our members to maintain these 36 Miles of Snowmobile Trails better than those who recieve 10 of thousands of dollars a year do... We thank all of you who support ATV/UTV/Snowmobile Trails everywhere and if you are ever in our area swing by and enjoy a nice ride on our Trails!





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